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BoinxTV ATEM Controller

Lets you control a Blackmagic Design ATEM Switcher hardware directly from within BoinxTV.


Buy and install

To purchase the BoinxTV ATEM Controller, please go to the BoinxTV Buy page and purchase the “BoinxTV ATEM Controller Layer”. Right afterwards you will receive an email with an unique download link. Please download the .zip file linked and extract it. Finally you will find a .tvlayer file, that you just need to double click. BoinxTV will open and install the layer that you will then find in the layer repository.

How to set up and use the ATEM Controller layer

External ressources

(Optional!) If you want to be able to always see the monitor output of your ATEM Switcher hardware (as described in the how-to video) you need to install the Syphon QuartzComposer plugin and run the Syphon Mac Application:

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