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Display Moderated Twitter Messages

Displaying Twitter messages especially in a live show is a great way of enabling your audience to interact with the show. With the Twitter layer, doing this was always possible e.g. by displaying the search for a specific hashtag. The downside used to be that spammers could easily hijack the hashtag and flood your show. With the new Twitter implementation it is now possible to filter what is displayed using native Twitter tools.

  • First you need to authorize your Twitter account in the BoinxTV preferences.
  • Now log into your Twitter account on the Web site.
  • Enter the PIN displayed on into the BoinxTV preferences window.
  • Finally, click “OK” to authorize BoinxTV.
  • If the authorization process was successful, BoinxTV will let you know.
  • Now add the Twitter layer to your document.
  • Select the layer and set the content type to “Favorites” in the parameters on the left hand side.
  • In your favorite Twitter client or on the web site, start your search or simply monitor your home feed. As soon as you want something to show up in your live show, hit the “Favorite” star.

    * A second later, the faved tweet will show up in BoinxTV.

Moderating/Faving Tweets can happen on any device and doesn't have to be done on the machine running BoinxTV. So even someone remote could do the filtering e.g. from a mobile device as long as BoinxTV and the moderator are logged into the same Twitter account.

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