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How to ingest data into a BoinxTV document

1) Create a BoinxTV document with all the layers you need. Set them up correctly as you would need them in production.

2) Instead of filling in some real data in the input fields of the layers, you put in unique tags like this:

The following steps could be done by a automated process:

4) Every time you start a new show you make a copy of the master document. Use the terminal command “cp”

cp -R “masterdocument.tvshow” “newdocumentname.tvshow”

5) Use the terminal command “putil” to convert the “Document.plist” file inside the document bundle from an binary plist file to an ascii XML file:

plutil -convert xml1 “newdocumentname.tvshow/Document.plist”

6) Use the terminal command “sed” to exchange the unique tags in the document with content:

sed 's/[LOWERTHIRDTITLE1]/Jon Doe/g' 'newdocumentname.tvshow/Document.plist' > “temp.txt” && mv “temp.txt “newdocumentname.tvshow/Document.plist”

sed 's/[LOWERTHIRDSUBTITLE1]/CEO/g' 'newdocumentname.tvshow/Document.plist' > “temp.txt” && mv “temp.txt “newdocumentname.tvshow/Document.plist”

Do so for every tag you specified.

7) Use the terminal command “open” to open the document in BoinxTV.

open 'newdocumentname.tvshow'

The new content should be visible:

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