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Disclaimer: This control set up requires a paid 3rd party app, that costs $3.99!

Download Actions

First, please download the free Actions Mac Server from the Actions web site using the “Get Client” button. After installing, launch the app. It will show up in the menubar and will require no further configuration as long as the iPad and Mac are on the same network.

Next, please go to the AppStore and install Actions.

# Initial Setup
When you first launch Actions, it will guide you through the app gestures. Please follow these steps closely as this will help you immensely using Actions in the future. We recommend enabling Dropbox sync for actions, as this will make it possible to install our sample sets and give you the possibility to backup your own sets. To enable Dropbox Sync, perform a 3 finger down swipe in Actions to reveal the connection and settings icon.

Tap the settings gear and enable Dropbox sync. In the next step authorize Dropbox. Afterwards, you'll find a new folder called “Actions for iPad” in the Apps folder of your Dropbox.

Also make sure you are connected to the Mac client following the getting started tutorial.

At the end of this HowTo, you find pre-built sets for the use with BoinxTV. We'll still guide you through the setup process to make sure you can create your sets from scratch.

# Create the first Set To get started, perform a triple swipe down again to reveal the set chooser, then hit the edit button on the top right.

Now tap “Create” to create a blank set. Enter a name for the set, and choose BoinxTV as the magnet application. This will make sure BoinxTV comes to the front and receive the commands once you tap an action.

When done, tap anywhere next to the settings pane and then tap the check icon on the top to close the edit mode.

# Edit the Set Next tap the newly created set, what will automatically put the set in edit mode. In case this doesn't happen, simply tap the edit icon on the top right.

In the edit sheet, choose a name for the action (e.g. Camera1, PiP, Lower Third, etc), that describes what the action is going to do. For the shortcut, make sure you select all four modifier keys. This makes sure the Actions shortcuts don't interfere with system shortcuts. As actions basically just sends keyboard shortcuts to the computer/application we also need to define a key. So tap the “Key” field and select a key from the keyboard. Don't worry too much about the value, we suggest assigning them in sequential order. There is no need to memorize the action/key combination.

In the “Send to” field you don't need to select BoinxTV if you selected it as the magnet application for the set. If you want to be 100% sure, selecting BoinxTV again won't hurt though. To distinguish actions better from each other, selecting an icon from the large icon set is recommended, as well as selecting a color.
Now create as many actions as needed. We recommend filling the entire screen with buttons and leave these you don't need blank. Like this you can freely arrange buttons anywhere on the grid.
At the end, you might have something like this:

Use our sample Sets

Instead of creating everything from scratch, you can also use our two sample sets you can download here:
To add these sets, first enable dropbox sync as described above and completely quit Actions on your iPad using the app switcher.
Now extract the Example Sets archive and place the two containing files into ~/Dropbox/Apps/actions for ipad/macsets
After the Dropbox sync finished (usually a couple of seconds), open Actions on the iPad again and wait about a minute. After performing a 3 finger swipe down, you should see the new sets in the set chooser.

# Assign Actions in BoinxTV It doesn't matter what set you choose, now you have to assign the actions to shortcuts in BoinxTV. Therefor, open your document in BoinxTV and click the record shortcut field you want to control from Actions.

As soon as the field gets the blue recording indicator frame
press the according action in Actions on the iPad. This will send the assigned shortcut to BoinxTV and the hotkey field will display the key combo.

Repeat these steps for each action and each hotkey button you want to remote control. Keep in mind that there are many more hotkey fields than just layer and setting actions. Many layers have controlable options as well, for example the video switcher layer.

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