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How to use AppleScript to trigger layers and buttons in BoinxTV

Currently BoinxTV 1.9 don't understand AppleScript. So it seems that you can't use this powerful cross-application scripting language to control BoinxTV. But there is a workaround for this: AppleScript can send keyboard strokes just like they would be typed in by the user those can control all the buttons in BoinxTV that can be assigned to a keyboard short cut.

Prepare your document

Once you finished designing your document with all the layers you need it is time to assign keyboard short cuts to all the layers you want to control remotely by AppleScript. To do so select the layer in question in the layer stack in the middle of the document window. On the right side you will get the Preview of that layer. Right below the Preview you can see the “Triggers” section.

Click on the “Record shortcut” button on the left. Now hit any keyboard combination you wish to be used to control that layer (e.g. ctrl+alt+“p”). If you have multiple settings for this layer you can assign a different keyboard short cut for each of the settings as well. (Please watch Using Keyboard And Event Triggers to learn more about this feature.)

Note: You can use the same keyboard short cut for multiple layers in order to trigger them all at the same time

Write an AppleScript

Open the “AppleScript Editor” located in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder. Create a new AppleScript with the following commands: (Please exchange the appropriate keyboard shortcut so that it matches with the keyboard shortcut you choose before.)

tell application "BoinxTV" to activate

tell application "System Events" to keystroke "p" using {option down, control down}
-- option are: command down/‌control down/‌option down/‌shift down

Run the Apple-Script.

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