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3D Placer Layer

The 3D Placer Layer allows you to position a source within virtual 3D space. BoinxTV does not actually operate in a true 3D environment and the layer order still applies to 3D Placers. Layers that are farther back on the Z axis need to be underneath closer layers to make the perspective look proper.

Group Parameter Function
Content Video Source This is the source to be displayed by this layer.
Smooth Border This applies antialiasing to the edges of the layer to reduce jaggedness.
Geometry Zoom Set the scaling of the source. The source is always rendered at it's original aspect ratio.
Position Shift the position of the source along the X, Y and Z axes. Values of 0 will center and place the source directly in front of the “camera”.
Rotation Rotate the source around the X, Y and Z axes.
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