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Apple Design Award Layer

This layer renders a 3D model of the Apple Design Award we achieved in the “Mac OS X Leopard Developer Showcase” category by Apple. It autospins for your pleasure.

However you can use the Boinx libOrientator to control the cube in its rotation. Just download Boinx Orientator from the iTunes AppStore and run it. If your iOS device is on the same network as your BoinxTV computer you are able to rotate the cube by your device. If you shake it, the Apple logo will glow for some seconds, just like the original award does!

Group Parameter Function
Control Motion Control iOS Device (via Orientator) or Auto Rotation.
iOS Device Name If “Motion Control” is set to iOS Device: The name of the iOS device BoinxTV should read the orientation data from.
Yaw Offset If your iOS device doesn't match with the screen Orientation you can correct the Yaw rotation.
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