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Audio Only Layer

This layer is useful in a multicamera setup. All your video cameras deliver a separate audio signal to BoinxTV. Because those audio signals aren't synchronized they would produce echoes in the recording if they were all live. The solution is to use the Audio Only layer with just one Audio Source.

  • Open the Sources Repository by selecting Sources in the lower left corner of the Document Window
  • Select the first video source in the table. The Sources Inspector on the right should show you the video and audio device settings for this video source.
  • Remove the audio device from the video source by setting the Audio Device to None
  • Do so for all of your video sources you may have.
  • Create a new Audio Source by selecting SourceAdd Audio Source. A new audio source should appear in the Sources Repository.
  • Select a reliable audio device for this audio source in the source inspector on the right.
  • Select the Layer Repository by selecting Layers in the lower left corner.
  • Find the Audio Only layer by either scrolling through the list or using the search field on the left.
  • Drag the Audio Only layer to the top of your Layer Stack and select it. The Parameter view on the left should show the Audio input parameter of the Audio Only layer.
  • Select the Audio Source we just created.
  • Set the Audio Only layer to Live.

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