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Basketball Score Keeper Layer

This layer displays scores, names and emblems for two teams in a basketball game. It can be shown switched into a fullscreen view using a shortcut. All the controls to keep and set scores can be assigned shortcuts.

Group Parameter Function
Control Show Fullscreen Toggle between Fullscreen and regular mode. A shortcut can be assigned.
Home There are controls to add 1, 2 or 3 points to the score for each team. Each button can be assigned a shortcut.
Score Manipulation The Reset button will reset all scores to 0. A shortcut can be assigned.
Set Score To You can manually set a score for either team. Enter the number in this field and press one of the “Set For” buttons below.
Quarter Set the quarter to be displayed in Fullscreen mode. You can also choose to display OT for overtime.
Content Full Name Set the text to be displayed for each team in Fullscreen mode.
Short Name Set the text to be displayed for each team in regular mode.
Emblem These images will be used as the team emblems. Transparency is supported. The images are scaled to the same height in Fullscreen mode and will adapt scale to the text size in regular mode.
Versus Text This text is shown in the center of the screen in Fullscreen mode between the two teams. It's size will be slightly smaller than the other fullscreen text.
Transition Duration Set the time it takes to switch between regular and Fullscreen mode.
Appearance Output Format This sets how the scores are displayed when not in Fullscreen mode.
Choose Home # Guest # or Home # : # Guest.
Text You can use the Mac font chooser to adjust how the text will appear when in regular mode or Fullscreen mode.
Text Fullscreen
Background Color Set the color and opacity of the background in Fullscreen mode.
Geometry Anchor Specify the general position of your scorekeeper.
X Inset Horizontal inset of the layer from the Anchor side set above.
Y Inset Vertical inset of the layer from the Anchor edge set above.
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