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 +====== Boinx Software Credit Layer ======
 +This layer provides a way to continuously cycle the display a picture such as a logo for a specified duration somewhere on the screen. You can choose to show a "Made with BoinxTV"​ logo or pick your own image.
 +{{:​layer:​layer-boinxcredit-parameters.png?​nolink |}}
 +^ Group ^ Parameter ^ Function ^
 +| Content | Image Type        | This is the image source to displayed by this layer. You can pick one of 3 styles of a "Made with BoinxTV"​ logo or choose your own image to use. Transparency is supported. |
 +| :::     | Opacity ​          | You can set an overall opacity for your logo. |
 +| :::     | Show Duration ​    | This defines how long the layer will be shown each time it cycles. |
 +| :::     | Pause Duration ​   | This is the time in between each cycle. |
 +| :::     | First Start Delay | You can set a delay for the layer to begin its cycles after making git Live. |
 +| Transition | Type     | You can setup how the logo should appear when switched to live as well as each time it cycles on and off. There are four possible values: ''​Cut''​ (show immediately),​ ''​Dissolve''​ (fade in) ''​Push Horizontal''​ and ''​Push Vertical''​. The Push options mean that the logo will move in from the outside to its final position defined in the Geometry section. The direction of the push depends on the Anchor setting. |
 +| :::        | Duration | If you choose a transition other than ''​Cut''​ you can specify the duration of the transition. |
 +| Geometry | Anchor ​ | Specify the general position of your logo: ''​Top Left'',​ ''​Top Right'',​ ''​Bottom Left'',​ ''​Bottom Right''​ |
 +| :::      | X Inset | Horizontal inset of your logo from the side defined above. |
 +| :::      | Y Inset | Vertical inset of your logo from the edge defined above. |
 +| :::      | Scaling | ''​1:​1''​ (logo will be displayed as is), ''​Max. Width''​ (logo will be scaled proportionately to have a certain width), ''​Max. Height''​ (logo will be scaled proportionately to have a certain height) |
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