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Daily Bible Verse Layer

This layer either reads a Bible verse from or you can enter your own to have an special intro for your Bible show.

Group Parameter Function
Content Verse Resource You can either select a random Bible verse from or put your Own Verse in the text fields below.
Verse If you selected Own Verse in Verse Resource you can enter your verse here.
Source If you selected Own Verse in Verse Resource you can enter the source of the verse here.
Transition Duration The layer animates the cross and the text in 3D. This parameter controls the duration of the animation.
Appearance Text Color You can change the text color of the verse.
Cross Surface Choose the texture you want for the surface of the cross.
Background Show Background You can choose wether you want to have a gradient background or transparency
Color #1, #2 ,3 The Gradient can be defined by three colors: First is at the top, second in the middle and third at the bottom of the screen.
Position #2 This parameters controls the proportional position of the middle color.
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