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Digital Clock Layer

This layer displays a digital-style clock. It can use an image for a background or be just text.

Group Parameter Function
Control Clock Offset Hour The clock will display the time that your computer has, but you can manually offset the time displayed. This may be useful when dealing with different time zones.
Clock Offset Minute
Appearance Font Time Define how the text should appear.
Image This is the image source to use as the clock's background. Transparency is supported.
Image Scale Change the scale of the background image if needed. It is best to design the image with the document dimensions in mind since extreme scaling may result in artifacts.
Show Seconds Choose whether to include seconds in the clock.
Time Format Choose from 12 am/pm, 12 hours or 24 hours.
Drop Shadow Enables options for a drop shadow to be applied on the text. You can set the color, opacity, blur amount and the distance and direction from the text.
Geometry Anchor Specify the general position of your clock. It can be anchored to one of nine points, and further adjusted using the inset parameters.
X Inset Horizontal and vertical inset of the clock from the anchor point.
Y Inset
Time X Adjustment Adjust the position of the text within the layer background if an image is selected in the Appearance section above.
Time Y Adjustment
Transition Incoming You can setup how the clock should appear when switched to live. Choose from: Cut (show immediately), Dissolve (fade in), or Push from any direction.
Outgoing You can set the layer to exit in the same manner as it appeared, or choose a different setting.
Duration If you choose another transition other than Cut you can specify the duration of the transition.
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