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 +====== Flying Text Layer ======
 +This layer displays two lines of customizable text horizontally centered in the screen. They can be animated to slide past each other in different directions or to slide as one. The distance and duration of the slide can be altered.
 +{{:​layer:​layer-flyingtext-parameters.png?​nolink |}}
 +^ Group ^ Parameter ^ Function ^
 +| Content | Line 1/2      | These are the lines of text that will appear. It is possible to leave a line empty to show only one of them. |
 +| :::     | Text Duration | Set the time for the layer to complete its animation. |
 +| Animation | Animation Type | Choose the direction in which the lines of text move when set to Live. The ''​Cross Over''​ options make the lines slide in opposite directions. |
 +| :::       | Movement ​      | Determines the amount of sliding that will happen in pixels. Lower the value for a more subtle animation. |
 +| :::       | Background ​    | Choose how the Background defined below should transition. If ''​Dissolve''​ is selected, a duration parameter will become available. |
 +| :::       | Text Delay     | This sets how long the text will wait to appear after going Live. |
 +| Appearance | Font Line 1/2 | You can use the Mac font chooser to adjust how each line of text will look. |
 +| :::        | Drop Shadow ​  | Enables options for a drop shadow to be applied on the text. You can set the color, opacity, blur amount and the distance and direction from the text. |
 +| Geometry | Line 1/2 Baseline | The vertical position of the title text in relation to the center of the screen. |
 +| Background | Type      | Defines a background for the whole layer. Choose from ''​Constant Color'',​ ''​Gradient Left/​Right'',​ ''​Gradient Bottom/​Top''​ or ''​Custom Image''​. |
 +| :::        | Color 1/2 | Choose a color for a constant color, or two colors for a gradient. |
 +| :::        | Image     | If Custom Image is set above, pick the image to be used for the background. The image is scaled proportionately to fit the width of the document, and the top is aligned to the top of the document. |
 +| Background Animation | Image | An image can be animated on top of the background. You can make it gradually move horizontally,​ vertically or rotate. This option only works if the Background Type set above is not ''​None''​. |
 +| :::                  | Opacity | Set the opacity of the animated image. Lowering the opacity reveals the background as set in the above section. This background animation follows the transparency of the background set above, so its opacity will be affected by the alpha channel of the background. |
 +| :::                  | Translation X | Defines a speed to scroll the image left/right. |
 +| :::                  | Translation Y | Defines a speed to scroll the image up/down. |
 +| :::                  | Rotation | Defines a speed to rotate the image clockwise/​counterclockwise. |
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