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 +====== Interview Layer ======
 +This layer provides a way to display two video sources next to each other and easily switch between fullscreen views of either. The underlying layers (Source A) will be shown on the left while the source defined by this layer (Source B) is shown on the right. You can apply shortcut keys to the source controls.
 +If Source B does not match the aspect ratio of the document, its longest edge is fit to the screen and the underlying layers can be seen below.
 +{{:​layer:​layer-interview-parameters.png?​nolink |}}
 +^ Group ^ Parameter ^ Function ^
 +| Control | Display ​   | Pressing ''​A''​ reveals everything below this layer (essentially a layer bypass). Pressing ''​B''​ fits the source defined below to the screen. Pressing ''​A and B''​ shows both sources next to each other overtop the Background defined below. |
 +| :::     | Show Title | If ''​ON'',​ shows the Titles defined below on top of the sources in Interview view. |
 +| Content | Right Side | Select the source you want to use as Source B. If a movie is selected, the layer will enter Interview view when set to Live and disable itself when the video ends. |
 +| :::     | Title A/B  | If Show Title is enabled above, define the text to be shown over the bottom of the sources. |
 +| Appearance | Font          | You can use the Mac font chooser to adjust how the Title text will appear. |
 +| :::        | Text BG Type  | You can set what to use as the background for the Titles. Pick Constant Color or Gradient. The size of the background box will adjust to the font size. |
 +| :::        | Text BG Color | Set the color for a constant color background or set the two colors to be used in a left-to-right gradient. The opacity can be set in the color picker as well. |
 +| Geometry | Crop | Defines the boundaries of the source boxes by the distance from the edges of the screen. The Crop Middle parameter defines the space between the two sources. Source B will automatically adjust to fill the box, whereas Source A's scale will be left unchanged. Both sources are horizontally centered in the box. |
 +| Background | Type   | This is the background in the Interview view. Choose from ''​Constant Color'',​ ''​Gradient Left/​Right'',​ ''​Gradient Top/​Bottom''​ or ''​Custom Image''​. |
 +| :::        | Color  | Choose a color for a constant color or gradient background. |
 +| :::        | Image  | If Custom Image is set above, pick the image to be used for the background. The image is scaled proportionately to fit the document. |
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