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Magnifying Glass Layer

This layer activates a magnifying glass effect on the screen, creating a circle to enlarge a point of interest. The location of the circle must be predefined.

Group Parameter Function
Transition Popup Duration The time it takes to bring up the magnifying glass.
Start Point Horizontal Set the horizontal and vertical distance of the magnifying glass's center from the center of the screen. This setting will update in the preview but you will need to reactivate the layer to see the results on the output.
Appearance Size The diameter of the circle.
Zoom The amount of magnification.
Border Size The width of the circle's border.
Color The color of the border. Opacity cannot be adjusted.
Shadow Spread The feathering applied to the drop shadow around the circle.
Opacity The opacity of the drop shadow.
Shadow Distance The distance of the drop shadow from the circle. The direction of the shadow is always down.
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