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News Show Layer

This layer is similar to the PIP layer and shows a scaled down source in a corner of the screen with a text box below it.

Group Parameter Function
Content Source B This is the source to displayed by this layer.
Title This text will be shown below the source, on top of the background defined below. It is centered within the PIP's width and the text will wrap to new lines if needed.
Transition Type Specify a transition style. Push transitions will be relative to the Anchor specified in the Geometry section below.
Duration If a transition other than Cut is used, set its length.
Appearance Font Use the Mac font chooser to set how the text appears as well as its size.
Background Type Choose the background of the text box underneath the source: Constant Color, Gradient or None.
Color Set the colors used for a constant color or gradient. Opacity can be set as well.
Geometry Anchor Specify the general position of your PIP: Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right
X Inset Horizontal inset of your PIP from the Anchor side set above.
Y Inset Vertical inset of your PIP from the Anchor edge set above.
Scaling Set how the PIP source should be scaled: 1:1 applies no scaling. Max Width and Max Height reveal the two parameters below.
Max Width/Height The PIP will be scaled proportionately to have a certain width or height, which is set here.
Scale Quality If your PIP is scaled you can select which algorithm you prefer. Faster (Video): The scaling is done by the graphics card with linear interpolation and should be used if your source is a video source. Better (Image): The scalling is done by a Lanzos algorithm and takes more processing but gives high quality results.
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