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Painter Layer

This layer allows you to draw on the screen using a mouse or tablet. Shortcuts can be assigned to clear the canvas and switch between predefined colors. The layer will clear its canvas when it is deactivated.

Group Parameter Function
Control Tool Choose Brush to paint normally, Line to create straight lines, or Eraser to erase.
Canvas Pressing Clear will erase everything drawn on the layer. A shortcut can be assigned.
Colors Pressing Previous or Next will select which of the colors defined below will be used to draw with. The selected color is shown in the preview above. Shortcuts can be assigned.
Pen Size If using a mouse, you can set the diameter of the pen. This affects all of the tools selectable above.
Arrow at End When enabled, an arrow will be created at the end of the stroke pointing in the direction in was drawn. A shortcut can be assigned.
Show Cursor This will show a transparent preview of how big the pen size is. A shortcut can be assigned.
Opacity This sets the opacity for the whole layer.
Draw using Choose Mouse to draw using your mouse. Choose Tablet to use a tablet with a stylus to draw. The size of the pen is controlled with the pressure on the tablet.
Colors Color 1-5 You can pick five predefined colors to be available while painting on the layer. Switch between them using the controls above. Opacity cannot be changed here. The opacity for the layer as a whole is set in the section above. Whenever the layer is activated, Color 1 is set to the active color.
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