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Panorama 360 Layer

This layer creates a panoramic effect using a wide image source. The image is essentially wrapped around the “camera” to form a circular “room”. The camera can then be controlled to pan, tilt and zoom around the panorama.

Group Parameter Function
Control Rotation Mode Choose how the layer should operate. Continuous mode gives the option to set a speed at which to pan the view. Interactive mode lets you control the pan and tilt using the mouse on the output. Static will keep the view set on the defined position.
Rotation Speed When in Continuous mode, this determines the speed and direction that the view pans.
Pan If using Static mode, this is the position the view is panned to.
Tilt This sets the vertical tilt of the view.
Zoom This sets the scaling of the panorama.
Signal If using Interactive mode, this gives you the option to reset the view to the left side of the image.
Content Panorama Image This is the image to be used for the panorama. For the effect to be fully utilized, a wide panoramic image should be used. The image is distorted to wrap around into a circle, so it needs to be much wider than it is tall to avoid an unnatural perspective.
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