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Picture in Picture Layer

This layer shows a scaled down source in a corner of the screen. You can toggle between the PIP display and enlarging the source to fill the screen.

If you load a video as the source and make it Live, the layer will appear, play the video with a visible countdown, then automatically disable the layer.

Group Parameter Function
Control Do Shrink When On, the source is shown as a PIP. When Off, the source expands and is centered on the screen. A shortcut can be assigned for this control.
Content PIP Source This is the source to displayed by this layer.
Transition Duration Specify the length of the fade.
Geometry Anchor Specify the general position of your PIP: Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right
Width The PIP will be scaled proportionately to have a certain width, which is set here.
Inset X Horizontal inset of your PIP from the Anchor side set above.
Inset Y Vertical inset of your PIP from the Anchor edge set above.
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