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Placer Layer

The Placer Layer is the simplest way to display a single visual source (video sources, movies, images, QuartzComposer compositions) on screen.

Group Parameter Function
Content Video Source This is the source to display by this layer.
Freeze Source This will hold the current frame when the video source is a movie or video source.
Flip in Preview If you are recording yourself sitting in front of your computer it might be helpful if the preview output is mirrored so that you don't have problems pointing in the right direction.
Transition Type You can setup how the layer should appear when switched to live. There are two possible values: Cut (show immediately) or Dissolve (fade in).
Duration If you choose the transition to be Dissolve you have to specify the duration of the transition.
Geometry Show as Because the selected Video Source may not fit to the recorded video dimensions you can specify how it should be placed. There are 4 option available: Fullscreen, Letterbox, 1:1, Custom. Please read the description below.
Crop Top The crop parameter can be used to crop the video source on each edge. This is useful if you have a video source that shows a timecode on the top or a green screen filtered source isn't clean on the sides.
Crop Left
Crop Bottom
Crop Right
Zoom You can specify how the video source should be scaled. 100% means that each pixel from source gets mapped to one pixel in the recording. (Custom mode only)
Position X You are able to shift the position of the video horizontally. (Custom mode only)
Position Y You are able to shift the position of the video vertically. (Custom mode only)
Mask Top Once the placement is done you are able to mask the video again from each side. (Custom mode only)
Mask Left
Mask Bottom
Mask Right
Show as… Example Description
Fullscreen The video source gets placed so that all of the screen will be covered.
Letterbox This option will place the video source so that it is completely visible.
1:1 This option will make the video source scale to 100% of its original dimensions. It will be a 1:1 pixel ratio regardless of the document size.
Custom This option gives you full control over the placement of the video source. Details of the parameters are in the above table.
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