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 +====== Placer with Distortion Layer ======
 +This layer performs the same function as the [[Placer]] but allows you to switch between a fullscreen view and a distorted display of the source. The distortion is defined by corner pins that designate where each of the corners of the source are placed on the screen.
 +{{:​layer:​layer-placerdistortion-parameters.png?​nolink |}}
 +^ Group ^ Parameter ^ Function ^
 +| Control | Show Fullscreen | When enabled, the source transitions from the distorted view to fill the screen and is shown at its original aspect ratio. When disabled, the layer returns to the distorted view. This control can be assigned a shortcut. |
 +| Content | Source A | This is the source to be displayed by this layer. |
 +| Transition | Type     | You can setup how the layer should appear when switched to or from Live. Choose ''​Cut''​ (show immediately) or ''​Dissolve''​ (fade in). |
 +| :::        | Duration | If you choose Dissolve, specify the duration of the transition. This also affects the speed of the transition between fullscreen and distortion view. |
 +| Appearance | Feather Width | Applies feathering to the edges of the layer in distortion view. A small value can be used to eliminate jagged edges. |
 +| Geometry | | These settings determine how the layer is distorted using corner pins. Each corner'​s placement is defined by its vertical and horizontal distance from the center of the screen. |
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