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 +====== Session Intro Layer ======
 +This layer cycles through 4 different "​slides"​ and could be used to show logos, titles and other information before a show. A ''​Background Image''​ appears first with an animated transition. The ''​Conference Artwork''​ then fades in on top of this, followed by ''​Title 1'',​ ''​Title 2''​ and ''​End Artwork''​. The layer finally completes by animating the ''​Background Image''​ back out. Each of these portions of the sequence is given an equal amount of display time, which is affected by the Total Intro Duration parameter.
 +Transparency is supported in the images. They are centered and displayed without scaling so your document dimensions should be considered when designing the image.
 +{{:​layer:​layer-sessionintro-parameters.png?​nolink |}}
 +^ Group ^ Parameter ^ Function ^
 +| Content | Title 1/2          | This defines the text to be displayed for each of the titles. |
 +| :::     | Conference Artwork | This image will be displayed before the titles. |
 +| :::     | End Artwork ​       | This image will be displayed after the titles. |
 +| :::     | Background Image   | This image is displayed first and leaves last. All other layer elements appear over it except for the Background Color defined below. |
 +| Animation | Total Intro Duration | Specifies how long it will take to complete the entire layer animation including the start delay. A countdown timer appears in the layer stack when Live to show the remaining time till completion. |
 +| :::       | Startup Time | Adds a delay to starting the animation after the layer is activated. |
 +| Appearance | Title Font       | You can use the Mac font chooser to adjust how the title text will appear. |
 +| :::        | Background Color | Specifies the color for the layer background. This background is below the Background Image selected above and is present for the entire duration of the layer. t can be disabled by setting the opacity to 0%. |
 +| :::        | Drop Shadow ​     | Enables options for a drop shadow to be applied on the title text. You can set the color, opacity, blur amount and the distance and direction from the text. |
 +| Preview | Preview | You can choose what to display in the layer preview window. Preview the whole animation on a loop or just one of the titles while you work on it. |
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