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Sidebar Layer

This layer provides a custom sidebar overlay on a side of the screen. One definable image is used and is pushed in from the left or right side. The layer's default image demonstrates an image designed to be used on either side of the screen and utilizes transparency to make a curved sidebar.

Group Parameter Function
Content Source This is the source to be used for the sidebar. Sources will use fullscreen scaling to proportionately fill the screen dimensions as if the layer were a regular Placer. If a video is used, it begins playing as soon as the layer is set to Live, and will trigger the layer to disable when it finishes. Transparency is supported.
Edge Sets which side of the screen the sidebar should be placed.
Width Sets how far from the Edge specified above the source should slide out.
Move Layers Below If enabled, the underlying layers will slide in the same direction as the sidebar at half the distance to allow more to remain visible while the sidebar is active.
Timing Set the speed ramp of the slide movement. Linear applies no curve. Smooth makes the start and end of the curve gradual.
Transition Duration Specify the time it takes to complete the slide movement when the layer is enabled/disabled.
Appearance Overlay Image Choose an image to place overtop the sidebar.
Mask Image Choose an image to use as a mask for the sidebar. The luminance of the Mask Image is used to control the opacity of the sidebar, with white being fully opaque.
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