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 +====== Sidebar Layer ======
 +This layer provides a custom sidebar overlay on a side of the screen. One definable image is used and is pushed in from the left or right side. The layer'​s default image demonstrates an image designed to be used on either side of the screen and utilizes transparency to make a curved sidebar.
 +{{:​layer:​layer-sidebar-parameters.png?​nolink |}}
 +^ Group ^ Parameter ^ Function ^
 +| Content | Source | This is the source to be used for the sidebar. Sources will use fullscreen scaling to proportionately fill the screen dimensions as if the layer were a regular Placer. If a video is used, it begins playing as soon as the layer is set to Live, and will trigger the layer to disable when it finishes. Transparency is supported. |
 +| :::     | Edge   | Sets which side of the screen the sidebar should be placed. |
 +| :::     | Width  | Sets how far from the Edge specified above the source should slide out. |
 +| :::     | Move Layers Below | If enabled, the underlying layers will slide in the same direction as the sidebar at half the distance to allow more to remain visible while the sidebar is active. |
 +| :::     | Timing | Set the speed ramp of the slide movement. ''​Linear''​ applies no curve. ''​Smooth''​ makes the start and end of the curve gradual. |
 +| Transition | Duration | Specify the time it takes to complete the slide movement when the layer is enabled/​disabled. |
 +| Appearance | Overlay Image | Choose an image to place overtop the sidebar. |
 +| :::        | Mask Image    | Choose an image to use as a mask for the sidebar. The luminance of the Mask Image is used to control the opacity of the sidebar, with white being fully opaque. |
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