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Sidebar Ad Layer

This layer provides a sidebar overlay on a side of the screen with an ad or other visual source. The ad is overlaid on a customizable background which can be removed if you want.

Group Parameter Function
Content Ad Media This is the source to be used as the Ad. If a video is used, it begins playing as soon as the layer is set to Live, so you will need to experiment with the Delay and Duration parameters to get them right.
Delay Set a time to wait before starting the Ad's Transition after the layer is set to Live, or beginning the layer's Outgoing transition after the layer is disabled.
Transition Choose how the Ad should transition when enabled or disabled. This transition follows the Duration set in the section below.
Transition Incoming You can choose the way in which the layer's background appears when set to Live, or vice versa.
Duration Specify the time it takes to complete any of the layer's transitions.
Background Type Choose from Constant Color, Gradient Left/Right, Gradient Top/Bottom or Custom Image.
Color Choose a constant color or two gradient colors for the background. You can also set the opacity here.
Image If Custom Image is set above, pick the image to be used for the background.
Width This defines the width of the background for the layer.
Geometry Anchor Point Sets which side of the screen the sidebar should be placed.
X Inset Horizontal inset of the layer from the side of the screen.
Video Inset Top Inset of the Ad from the top of the screen.
Video Inset Left/Right Inset of the Ad from the sides of the layer background. Negative values allow the Ad to extend past the edges.
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