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Static Text 3D Layer

This layer shows a block of text in a 3D perspective. You can position and rotate the text in 3D space and apply an extrusion.

Group Parameter Function
Content Text This is the text that will appear with the layer.
Appearance Text Alignment Specifies whether the text should be aligned to the left, center or right of the text box defined by the Text Width in the section below. You can also choose Justified to force each line of text to fill the width of the box.
Text You can use the Mac font chooser to adjust how the text will appear. If the adjustments made in the Geometry section bring the text very close to the “camera” and result in pixelation, try increasing the text size here and readjust.
Type Kerning Specifies the spacing between each character.
Type Leading Offset Specifies the spacing between each line of text. Works relative to the Vertical Alignment selected below.
Depth Adjusts the amount of extrusion on the text.
Geometry Show Guides
Vertical Alignment Sets the text box anchor to the top, center or bottom of the text.
Fixed Width If ON, you can define the boundaries of the text to fit it within a certain width. If OFF, the text will run continuously in one line and be horizontally centered.
Text Width If Fixed Width is set to ON, this sets the width of the space to which the text is confined. It expands equally on both sides from the point set by the Position below. A value of 0 is the same as disabling Fixed Width.
Position Sets where the origin of each axis is. 0 is the center of the screen.
Rotation Performs 3D rotation of the text around each axis. The operation order is Z → Y → X.
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