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Stopwatch Layer

This layer displays a digital timer that can count up or down. You can choose to include a circular or linear progress bar. The controls can be assigned keyboard shortcuts.

Group Parameter Function
Control Start Press Start to begin or resume counting. If pressed during an active count, the stopwatch will reset to the previous stopped time and start again.
Stop Press Stop to pause the stopwatch.
Reset Press Reset to stop and reset the stopwatch.
Counting Mode Count down will make the stopwatch count down from a specified time. Count up to max will count from a specified time to a maximum time. Count up infinite will count up infinitely from a specified time.
Start Time This is the time to start counting from. The stopwatch will reset to this time.
Max Time This is the time the stopwatch will count up to and then stop.
Reset on Live If enabled, the stopwatch will reset when the layer is made Live. If disabled, the timer will keep its time and continue to count while the layer is disabled.
Appearance Precision Min This is how precise the timer will be, up to 1/100 Second.
Precision Max This the maximum amount of counting units that will be shown.
Center Delimiter If the Precision parameters are set in a way that results in a single delimiter in the timer, enabling this will center the delimiter instead of the text as a whole.
Font Time Define how the text should appear.
Progress Indicator Type If the Counting Mode is set to count to a maximum or count down, you can choose a style for the progress meter: Circle or Bar.
Color Set the colors of the indicator. For a countdown, Color 1 is the remaining time and Color 2 is the elapsed time. It is the opposite for counting to a maximum.
Size Set the width of the indicator.
Line Width Set the width of the indicator's line. This is also influenced by the Size set above.
Geometry Anchor Specify the general position of your stopwatch. It can be anchored to one of nine points, and further adjusted using the inset parameters.
X Inset Horizontal and vertical inset of the stopwatch from the anchor point.
Y Inset
Time Y Adjustment Adjust the vertical position of the text within the progress indicator.
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