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Twitter Layer

This layer is used to show certain tweets from Twitter. They appear in customizable bubbles along with a username and user picture and come in from the bottom right of the screen.

More info about setting up and moderating Twitter with BoinxTV can be found here.

Group Parameter Function
Content Type Choose what tweets to display. My Timeline will display any tweets that are on your Twitter timeline, including anything you tweet or retweet, any mentions of you, and anything tweeted by people you follow. Mentions will display tweets that tag a certain account. Favorites will display tweets that you favorite on Twitter. Search will display tweets with certain words.
Account Name If Mentions is selected above, set the username to search for. Anytime an account is mentioned with the @ tag, it will appear.
Search Text If Search is selected above, any tweets with these terms will be displayed.
Animation Type You can choose the way in which the tweets appear as new ones come in. The previous tweets will always be pushed upwards to make room for the new one. Cut and Dissolve will display the new tweet as soon as the previous one moves out of the way. The Push and Zoom transitions will happen as the previous tweet moves out of the way.
Duration Specify the time it takes to complete the display of each new tweet.
Min Display Time This is how long each tweet will be forced to stay until a new one is pulled in. Useful for when a fast stream is coming in.
Appearance Tweet You can use the Mac font chooser to adjust how the text will appear.
User Name
Bubble Color Set the color and opacity for the tweet text bubbles. Extreme changes in opacity may result in unexpected colors.
3D Look When enabled, the tweet bubbles will have a glossy style.
Do Fade Out Enables options for a fade to be applied to the layer. The Fade Out End defines where the fade reaches full transparency. The Fade Out Start defines where the fade starts. Both values are in distance from the top of the screen.
Geometry Inset X/Y This sets the distance of the user image from the bottom right corner of the screen.
Area Width Sets the width of the layer as a whole, including the user image and the tweet text. The tweet bubble will wrap to fit this width.
User Image Width Sets the width of the user image, which scales proportionately.
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