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Video Switcher Layer

The Video Switcher Layer lets you switch between up to four individual video sources in a convenient way. Please note that one of the 4 video sources (Source 1) is actually the result of all the layers below the Video Switcher Layer. For technical reasons it isn't possible to show the content of the layers below in the preview window.

Group Parameter Function
Control Cut to 1…4 These four buttons let you switch to the associated video source immediately. Please not that 1 actually means the layers below.
Dissolve to 1…4 These four buttons start a dissolving transition to the associated video source. Please not that 1 actually means the layers below. The duration of the transition is specified with the Transition Duration parameter.
Content Source 2…4 These 3 video inputs specify the video sources you want to switch to. Please read Sources to learn how to setup all kind of visual sources in BoinxTV.
Source Name 1…4 In these text fields you can enter an alternative name for each video source. Those names are only displayed in the preview window in order to have a better reference.
Transition Duration This time specifies the duration of the dissolve transition.
Backgrounds (Optional) Background 2…4 Here you can specify special background images for each video source. This is useful if the video sources are chroma keyed. Please read Creating A Virtual Studio to learn more about this feature.

In the following illustration you can see how a Video Switcher Layer is used in combination with an Audio Only Layer and a Placer Layer to record three video cameras and a presenters laptop via an HDMI capture hardware. Please note that it is useful to disconnect all the audio devices from the video sources and use a single Audio Source connected to the Audio Only Layer in order to prevent echoes in the audio. Please read Sources to learn how to setup video and audio sources in BoinxTV.

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