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Wackelpeter Layer

This layer displays a wobbling image or video. You can toggle the wobble effect with a keyboard shortcut..

Group Parameter Function
Content Image This is the image or video source to displayed by this layer. Transparency is supported.
Opacity Set the overall opacity for the layer.
Transition Type You can setup how the layer should appear when switched to Live. There are four possible values: Cut (show immediately), Dissolve (fade in) Push Horizontal and Push Vertical. The Push options mean that the layer will move in from the outside to its final position defined in the Geometry section. The direction of the push depends on the Anchor setting.
Duration If you choose another transition other than Cut, you can specify the duration of the transition.
Wobble Enable Wobble This toggles whether or not the layer is wobbling. A shortcut can be assigned. Disabling the wobble will return the layer to a balanced position rather than leave it where the wobble stopped.
Speed Adjust the speed of the wobble.
Intensity Adjust how intense the wobble is.
Geometry Anchor Specify the general position of your layer: Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right
X Inset Horizontal inset of your layer.
Y Inset Vertical inset of your layer.
Scaling 1:1 (source will be displayed at its original size), Max. Width (source will be scaled proportionately to have a certain width), Max. Height (source will be scaled proportionately to have a certain height)
Max. Width If you specified a maximum for the Scaling, this sets those constraints.
Max. Height
Scale Quality If your source is scaled you can select which algorithm you prefer: Faster (Video): The scaling is done by the graphics card with linear interpolation and should be used if your logo source is a video source. Better (Image): The scalling is done by a Lanzos algorithm and takes much more time but gives high quality results.
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