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Winter Frame Layer

This layer generates snowflake graphics that fall from the top of the screen. You can alter the speed, density, color, size and opacity of the flakes. The layer also can display icicles and snow mounds on the top and bottom of the screen.

Group Parameter Function
Content Speed Set how fast the snowflakes should fall.
Amount Set how much snow should be falling.
Appearance Icicle at Top Toggle the display of the icicle graphics on the top of the screen or the snow piles on the bottom. Both of these can be assigned shortcuts.
Snow at Bottom
Snowflakes Opacity Set the opacity of the snowflakes.
Contrast A value of 0 makes all snowflakes white. Increase this to add more blue flakes.
Max Size Sets a maximum size for the flakes to be. There will also be some smaller flakes to add variation.
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