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If you want to modify exported layers (e.g. creating a custom weather map) you need to install the QCLUA.plugin to ~/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins/

BoinxTV 1.9 and the Lua scripting language

Starting with BoinxTV 1.9 all of the JavaScript patches in the shipped layers are replaced by with custom Quartz Composer patches that use the Lua scripting language instead. This transition was necessary because the built-in JavaScript patch has a very high memory footprint and causes stability issues with BoinxTV. The Lua runtime environment on the other side has a very small memory footprint.


The Lua patch can be downloaded from Github.

For further installation instructions see Custom Patches.


  • Using Lua in favor of JavaScript if you are writing your own compositions is not required but recommended to keep the memory footprint of the layer low.
  • All functions that access files or other system resources are stripped from the Lua patch. Those functions are not available in the Lua patch.
  • The Lua patch can not only be used in combination with BoinxTV but with all kinds of compositions.
  • The patch is also available as source code on GitHub.
  • Read the Layer Protocol for BoinxTV layers and Creating Custom Layers to build your own layers.
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