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Post Process Your Recordings

BoinxTV records your show as a QuickTime file with the codec you selected. If set in the preferences, after you stop your recording and the file finalizes writing, a sheet drops down over the BoinxTV document window offering some options to post processing your recording. This can also be accessed by selecting File → Export Recording…

Option Description
Transcode to QuickTime Format Often the recording format of the live recorded file doesn't match your requirements for further steps of your workflow. You can select several video codecs and file formats to which the recording should be converted. Select a preset or a file type from the Format dropdown menu and click Customize… to change your settings. The File Destination option lets you setup a destination where the file should be stored after conversion.
Perform AppleScript You can create an Apple Script which gets executed right after the transcoding. Please read Processing the movie file by an AppleScript after each recording to learn more about this feature.
Upload to PodcastProducer Apple once provided a server solution called PodcastProducer which let you upload a raw video file to it and process the file including publishing it on iTunesU. Unfortunately this feature has been removed from MacOS-X Server.
Upload to YouTube If you have configured your YouTube account with the Configure… button you can decide to upload your recording to this service. Make sure to select the correct Category and chek your private setting.
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