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Processing The Movie File By An Apple Script After Each Recording

Sometimes BoinxTV don't offer enough post production functionality out of the box to fit in your workflow. Here is where Apple Script comes into play. Apple Script is a high level programming language often to be used to communicate between Mac applications. It is highly adopted by the Mac developer community and therefor you have a good chance to get your missing link implemented by an Apple Script.

The hook in BoinxTV is the Export Sheet which drops down at the end of each recording. Here you get several options to post process your recorded movie. (Please refer to Post Process Your Recording to lean more about it). One option is to start an Apple Script which gets known of your recorded movie file and can post process it in any way.

BoinxTV ships already with some useful Apple Scripts:

  • Levelate: This script trys to levelate the sound by using the QuickTime Player.
  • Open in iTunes: The recorded file will be open (and imported) into iTunes
  • Open in QuickTime Player: The recording will be opened with the QuickTime Player for review.
  • Process with Turbo.264 HD: The recording will be compressed with the Turbo.264 HD application
  • Split into 9 Minutes Chunks: The recording will be split into 9 minutes chunks in separate files
  • Upload to ftp server (Cyberduck): The recording will be uploaded to a ftp ser via Cyberduck application
  • Upload to ftp server (Transmit): The recording will be uploaded to a ftp ser via Transmit application

    In this Apple Script menu you will find two additional menu items thats alows to create new Apple Scripts and import existing once:

  • Create AppleScript…
    • Import AppleScript…

Creating an new Apple Script with the menu will open up the Apple Script editor (comes with every Mac) and creates an Untitled document with the following content:

 -- BoinxTV Postprocessing Sample Script

 -- function which gets executed when running this script
on run argv

	-- get the full file path of the recorded movie file from the function parameters
	set theFilePath to (item 1 of argv) as text

	-- display the file path in an alert. (this is just for demonstration. Replace with your own code)
	display dialog theFilePath
end run

The on run argv gets called when this Apple Script is executed. The first item of argv will contain the full path of the movie file. (Please refer to Apple's Apple Script Documentation to learn about how to code in Apple Script language.)

You have to save the Apple Script to the following folder in order to make it accessible to BoinxTV:

~/Library/Application Support/Boinx/BoinxTV/Scripts

Using the Import AppleScript… command will copy your selected Apple Script to this folder.

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