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Showing Sponsor Logos in an Endless Loop

Sometimes you want to give credit to sponsors all of the time of your show. Here is a simple way to accomplish this with the build in “Boinx Software Credit” layer:

  • Add a single Boinx Software Credit layer to the top of your layer stack.
  • Setup the Layer Toggle Key in the left parameter view to a keyboard short cut of your choice. (e.g. ⌥1)
  • Switch the Image Type parameter to Custom Image. A new image input will appear below.
  • Put your first sponsor logo in this Custom Image input.
  • Set your desired Show Duration, and set Pause Duration as follows: PauseDuration = ShowDuration x (SponsorLogoCount - 1) e.g. 40secs = 10secs x (5 Logos - 1)
  • Adjust the Geometry and Transition parameters as you like.
  • Duplicate this layer by clicking on the gear button on the top of the layer stack or ⌘D (They must be separate layers, not layer settings!)
  • Exchange the Custom Image with the next sponsor logo.
  • Repeat steps 7+8 until you have all your sponsor logos set up in separate layers.
  • Set the First Start Delay of each layer in increments of the “Show Duration” value. (e.g. first layer 0, next layer 10, second layer 20 and so on).
  • Make sure all your sponsor layers are switched off. Now hit the keyboard command (in this tutorial ⌥1) and all the layers should go live and constantly cycle logos.

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