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BoinxTV takes data input via sources. You setup the sources in the Sources Repository found at the bottom of the BoinxTV document window. Please also have a look at the Working With Sources And Devices How To Movie.

Source Type Description
Camera Source A Camera Source consists of a video device and an optional audio device. You setup the video devices in the Device Preferences. Because this is a virtual source you can combine any video device with any other audio source.
Audio Source An Audio Source is the virtual representation of a certain Audio Device. You setup the audio devices in the Device Preferences.
Screen Source A Screen Source can be used to capture any part of your computer screen and use it as a Camera Source in BoinxTV.
Image, Movie, QuartzComposer You can add new visual sources by dragging them from your desktop to the Source Repository. If you are dragging them from the desktop directly to a certain layer in the layer stack the file will be added automatically as a source to the source repository.
Filtered Source You can apply a filter to any visual source of the Source Repository. You create them by selecting a source and choosing Filter Source… in the context menu in the settings area to the right or with a right-click. This creates a new filtered source that is still reliant on the source it was created from, so any changes made to the original source will used in the filtered one as well.
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