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NOTE: BoinxTV has now been succeeded by mimoLive

This version of BoinxTV is no longer actively maintained. From version 2.0 on, BoinxTV is called mimoLive.

Learn more about mimoLive...

For updated information, refer to the mimoLive Documentation.

Welcome to the BoinxTV User Manual

Although BoinxTV is a very simple system, it can become very complex if you want to make it do something specific. A traditional handbook falls way short of the needs for documentation of such a system because there will always be new ideas, new technologies and new features leading to more exciting ways to use it.

We have therefore decided to let you, the user, take control and direct the documentation effort. This documentation system allows for quick and continuous updates and you can directly comment on each page, pointing out weaknesses, asking for additional information or provide your own insights.

There will be editorial oversight and we don't ask you to do all the work, but if you want write access to help with writing the documentation, just drop us a note in the comments.



Documentation Ideas – A scrapbook of things that could/should be done.



  • Menus – Description of the Menu Items in BoinxTV.
  • Preferences - Explanation of the preferences you are able to set up.
  • Document Window – Description of the BoinxTV document window.
  • Layers – Description of available Layers.
  • Sources – Description of available Sources.
  • Templates – Built-in Templates



All the layers shipped with BoinxTV are higly customizable by all kind of parameters. If you can't find the right layer to fit your needs you are able to create your own layers. Here you will learn how to do it:

Pro Tips

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