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Matrox MXO2/MXO2 Mini

Download User Guide for Matrox MXO2
The Matrox MXO2 Mini supports video input through HDMI, Component, CVBS and S-Video, the Matrox MXO2 supports everything mentioned before and SDI. This enables BoinxTV to use a HDMI or SDI signal as an input and perform its graphical magic on it before streaming live to the internet, for example.

Another use case for the Matrox MXO2 is the input of low-latency analog or HDMI video input. This is especially useful if the video is projected on a stage where low-latency is required. The MXO2 also supports hardware based downscaling of HD signals so that 1080p signals can be used in 720p or NTSC/PAL projects without putting extra downscaling load on the software.

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Epiphan VGA2USB

VGA2USB is a compact external VGA signal grabber capable of capturing output from virtually any VGA source. It can be used for getting a PowerPoint (or Keynote) presentations into BoinxTV and for streaming live to the Internet through a second computer. Next to the low cost, basic version (VGA2USB), Epiphan also offer more professional versions like the VGA2USB LR, that is capable of capturing at higher frame rates and resolutions.

Epiphan DVI2USB

For capturing DVI (or also HDMI and VGA using adaptors), the DVI2USB Solo is an extremely versatile capture unit. With the benefits of digital signal transmission, image distortions caused by lengthy VGA cables can be avoided using DVI instead. For MacPro computers, the ultimate capture solution is the DVI2PCIe card, that virtually captures any resolution using almost any connector in pretty much any framerate.

Blackmagic Design


Ultra Studio

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