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Working With Templates

BoinxTV comes with a great set of customizable Templates. However, you can build your own templates that will be visible in the template chooser when creating a new document.

When you create a template of your show you can be assured that your work won't be easily destroyed or overwritten. For example, if you are working in a school with kids you don't have to worry about them making unwanted changes to the default document. When they select a template to use, a copy is made that is unaffiliated with the template file. When it is saved it will ask for a new location and will not overwrite the template.

Creating a BoinxTV Template is very easy:

  • Create a regular BoinxTV document including all graphics and settings you need so that it is ready to record a show.
  • Save this document as a template by selecting File → Save as Template…. You are prompted to give your template a name, a summary and a description. You are also able to choose your own graphic which will be shown in the template chooser.
  • Thats it!

Now you are able to select your template in the template chooser. If you want to make changes to it, just create a new document from it and save it as template again.

When “Template Availability” is set to Home, the templates gets stored in ~/Library/Application Support/Boinx/BoinxTV/Templates/ and will only be available for the user that made it.

If you would like the template available system-wide (such as in the school scenario above), select Computer instead of Home. If you are given an error indicating you don't have permission to save there, then you must manually create a folder Boinx in /Library/Application Support as an administrator.

Since template files are technically regular BoinxTV documents you can move a BoinxTV document to this folder manually to make it an available template. If you have made a template you would like to use on multiple computers you can simply put it in this folder on all the computers.

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